Contact Centre Solutions

Contact centres are often the first impression your all-important customers get of your business. Therefore, having the right tools to provide stellar customer service is critical. That’s where we come in.

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Contact Centre Solutions

We can help you enhance agent and supervisor productivity, enabling customer requests to be handled quickly and efficiently. This frees up your management team to focus on business improvement.

With our solutions you can simplify your call centre operations through the use of technologies that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and deploy them reliably across multiple locations.

How will our Contact Centre solutions help?


Omnichannel involves the integration and orchestration of channels. Engaging across all the channels someone chooses to use is often more efficient than using single channels in isolation.
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Workforce Optimisation

Our contact centre services provide everything you need to maximise team performance, increase profitability, ensure superior customer service and improve efficiency now and in the future.
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Workforce Management

Whether you are a single user, SME or a large corporation, we can provide you with a competitive tariff, mobile broadband, and the latest handset from the best suppliers.
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Being able to communicate across the globe is increasingly more important. We offer fast, reliable conferencing options to help you stay connected to the employees and customers that keep your business moving. This includes video and audio conference calling options.
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From single lines to multi-site installation, we have a range of solutions to suit your individual requirements. ISDN, PSTN, IP Direct, Local Loop Unbundling and SIP Trunks are just a few of the solutions we provide to maximise your communications.
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Let us set you up for success with our bespoke inbound call control options. From call queuing and hold music solutions to our efficient and reliable auto attendant, we offer everything you need to elevate your customers’ experience.
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The Best First Impression

Simplify your call centres operations through technologies that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Chat to one of our experts today and join the businesses already benefitting from our Voice solutions.
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Latests news & insights

Take a look at the latest news, insights, materials & content from our resource centre
September 19, 2023

New Forest Hounds Hunter Trials

Silver Lining sponsored a jump at New Forest Hounds Hunter Trials this weekend! Find out more and read about this exciting event.
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Certifications & Industry Compliance

We are proud to present a list of our certifications which each and every one of the Silver Lining family uphold and work to. They are a testament to the hard work and dedication our team put in to their work and the values we have as a business.
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