Our virtual desktop allows ultimate flexibility and security, with all applications running centrally within the Cloud environment. With data stored centrally across a virtual environment, you can work from any computer terminal via private MPLS Cloud or over the internet.
Using a Cloud-based virtual desktop allows us to publish the latest software and applications directly to your desktop removing the headaches of software management, major purchases, and need for specialised hardware and support. (Think of it like virtual IT).

Whether a standard Microsoft suite or a bespoke application, each hosted desktop is tailored to the individual user via on-demand licencing.

As an experienced hosted virtual desktop provider, we can remove the headaches of hardware investment and maintenance by migrating your entire office desktop environment to the Cloud.

Silver-Lining can also ensure no Ransomware occurs on all infrastructure given the current security dynamic.
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What is a Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop delivers business applications such as Microsoft Office from a data centre to any device, removing the headaches of software management, purchasing, and specialised hardware and support. Cloud-based virtual desktops can replace your traditional desktop PC environment while offering the same functionality as your normal PC.

You can login to your virtual desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection and from almost any device.

What are the benefits of Cloud–based virtual desktops?

  • Reduce overhead costs 
  • Lower your carbon footprint 
  • Work from anywhere
  • Decrease IT maintenance with virtual IT (No need for on-site Outsourced IT support) 
  • Secure high specification data centres
  • Guarantee business continuity 
  • Get highly skilled engineers and consultants on hand when you need them
  • Built-In Flexibilty

    Work from any computer at any location, whether at home or in the office. With virtual IT, working remotely has never been easier.

    Better for the Planet

    A virtual desktop lowers your carbon footprint, lower your emissions, and help preserve the environment for future generations. All without sacrificing business capability.

    Disaster Recovery

    No matter what happens, as reliable hosted virtual desktop providers we’ll help to ensure business continuity so your customers won’t notice any disruptions.

    Office 365 Access

    With a virtual desktop you can access your favourite productivity apps and collaborate on documents – all from anywhere, on any device.
    Get a flexible and secure Cloud-based virtual desktop solution for your business today. All it takes is a moment to fill out our contact form.
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