As trusted hosted telephony providers, we are proud to offer Splicecom hosted telephony solutions.

By harnessing the benefits of both cloud and on-premise telephony solutions, Splicecom phone systems offer a single voice platform suitable for all business requirements.
As experienced VoiP phone system providers, we can help you elevate the conversation with various communication options, including desk phones, smartphone apps or PC softphones, plus business SIP and, of course, VoiP phone systems. Your solution is only dependent upon your goals, budgets and required outcomes.

Additionally, the Splicecom embedded business management suite allows first-class reporting, live wallboards, encrypted call recordings whilst ensuring efficient cost and usage management.

What are the benefits of Splicecom hosted telephony solutions?

  • Report Scheduling
  • Permission-based browser access
  • Call Alarms
  • Soft Client (PC) & Mobile Client (No handsets required!)
  • Audit logs
  • Multi-channel communications incl. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Teams
  • CRM Integration
  • We have the tools you need to reach your customers wherever they are. Get in touch today and find out how a Splicecom phone system can help.
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