Anything can happen, but it doesn’t have to mean your business comes to a halt. That’s where Silver Lining resiliency comes in.
Nothing is more important than business continuity. No matter what, your customers rely on your business to provide vital services. So, in turn, you can rely on Silver Lining to keep you up and running.

As dedicated, resilient broadband providers, we use a wide range of cutting-edge resiliency options to ensure your network design has no single point of failure. You can rest assured that your network will still be up, come what may.

What’s more, Silver Lining also offer monitoring services, to add an extra layer of reassurance for your business.

Dual Circuit

Dual Circuit is the first line of defence against outages and connectivity disruptions. Where default single circuit network has no protection against points of failure,

our dual circuit solution offers a point of resilience at the router, providing redundancy for the circuit, however, this option lacks exchange resilience.

Dual Circuit RO2

True resilience begins here. Dual Circuit RO2’s are comprised of two independent access tails. These are designed to be the same size and are diversely routed whenever possible to either the same exchange or multiple exchanges depending on your network design.

This connectivity design removes the potential single point failure when using a single circuit tail, ensuring secure broadband.

Dual Circuit RO2x

Dual Circuit RO2x is another of our robust options which can offer business continuity and reassurance that your connectivity won’t be interrupted in the event of a disaster.

While largely similar in design to the RO2 option, Dual Circuit RO2x offers additional resiliency at the collector node.

Fibre Circuit

This unique option is often combined with other connectivity options, including mobile data, to create resilient network designs.

The benefit of using fibre is a faster speed and fewer latency issues.
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