Already have a Local Area Network (LAN) but want to know how best to protect it? Silver Lining can provide robust protection for your essential business networks.
Whether you are a business start-up or a multi-national corporation your LAN should be secure as it not only protects your end users from configuration issues, but also from malicious attacks. There are a plethora of security services that can be deployed at an access level to prevent unauthorised users from getting any access to the network. Our managed LAN network security service can look after all of them for you.
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That’s how many businesses say that they have insufficient broadband infrastructure for a video presence.

What is LAN Security?

LAN security solutions are primarily focused on securing a Local Area Network by means of secure configuration of network devices through protocols and security technology. This includes ensuring secure network equipment is configured to block attacks aimed at compromising data or disabling it, preventing unauthorised users access to the network and ensuring that the network is able to combat attacks that exploit weaknesses in LAN protocols.

Some of the many examples of security services that can be deployed includes firewall solutions, port security, DHCP snooping, ARP protect, dynamic IP lockdown and IPv6 RA Guards.

What are the benefits of managed LAN network security?

  • Guest Networks for non-employees
  • Switch Protection
  • User Authentication
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • Better Protection from cyber attacks
  • Peace of mind
  • Health Check

    Ensure your LAN setup is running optimally with our health check.

    Share Data

    LAN security solutions are also useful for sharing resources like files, printers, or applications.


    Our LAN security solutions can help organisations evolve as business needs change.

    Tailored Solutions

    Our managed LAN network security consultants ensure that we offer you the best solution for your business.
    Get connected with a bespoke LAN security solution today!
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