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If your business uses IT equipment, it is inevitable that at some point it may break down. If there aren’t support staff, along with disaster recovery plans and processes in place, this could put your productivity and business at risk. IT support or tech support is who you call when things go wrong.

There are two options: the break/fix model and the more proactive monitoring and maintenance model known as managed services. Both can be provided by a managed service provider such as Silver Lining.
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This is how many brands reported that technology helped them deliver better customer support.

What is the Silver Lining approach?

Our Service Desk provides comprehensive, real-time reporting to allow ongoing individual management of your tickets. Its scalability means that as your business changes, the Service Desk changes with you.

In addition to proactive support and maintenance, Silver Lining will also schedule and implement software and service updates, evaluate equipment for end of life planning, ensure the serviceable items such as UPS batteries are replaced in line with manufacturer guidelines and carry out annual physical equipment audits. al management of your tickets.

What are the benefits?

  • Proactive software and service updates
  • Managed or Self-Managed options
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Equipment audits
  • Fast and efficient data recovery
  • Get the best in IT support for your business today!

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