We Value Your Feedback

At Silver Lining we do everything we can to make sure you receive the best possible service. However, sometimes we don’t get things right. When this happens please let us know and we will ensure that we fully investigate your complaint and do everything we can to put things right.

What you can expect from us when you complain:

We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receipt, and we will investigate your complaint and get back to you with an update within 5 working days. We will endeavour to deal with your complaint and bring it to a satisfactory resolution within 4 working weeks. If we miss any of the deadlines listed above, your complaint will be immediately escalated to and handled by our Director of Internal Operations.
In the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, you have the right to take your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution scheme, subject to their eligibility criteria. We have an 8-week period within which to agree a resolution, unless both parties agree we are at deadlock before this time period elapses. We are a member of the Ombudsman Services.

How to raise a complaint:

Whichever way you contact us we’ll start investigating straight away. In order to do this effectively, we will need the following information;

✪ Your name and account number

✪ A contact number and email or postal address

✪ A summary of the issue with as much detail as possible

✪ A copy of any emails/letters that relate to the complaint

In person – Speak to your account manager at any of your account management meetings.

Molly Newman – Operations Manager
Telephone: 0345 313 1111 Option 1
Email: CustomerOperations@Silver-Lining.com


Dee Cordall – Director of Internal Operations
Telephone: 0345 313 1111 Option 0

David Robertson – Financial Controller
Telephone: 0345 313 1111
Email: Accounts@Silver-Lining.com


Russell Dickinson - Finance Director
Telephone: 0345 313 1111
Email: Russell.Dickinson@Silver-Lining.com

If you do not get a satisfactory response from the respective department head or you do not feel it is appropriate to raise your complaint with them, you can escalate your complaint to our Director of Internal Operations:

Dee Cordall – Director of Internal Operations
Telephone: 0345 313 1111
Email: Dee.Cordall@Silver-Lining.com

Speak To Us

Our Whiteley office is open weekdays from 8am-6pm, and you can get in touch via telephone or email with any enquiries or support issues you may have.

We take complaints issues very seriously. Please contact us should you have any concerns and we will be in contact within 24 hours.
03456 83 1111
The Granary, Whiteley Lane, Fareham,
Hampshire, PO15 6RQ
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