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Free your business from open-risk email with AES-256 encryption and 2-factor authentication.

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About Email Encryption

Our award-winning email encryption sits on your mail server or the cloud, encrypting all your confidential communications. Upload documents, add a message, set a security challenge, and send.

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error*. Keep company data secure with digital identity authentication, ensuring even emails sent to the wrong recipient remain secure.

Fortify your business against cyber threats. With AES-256 encryption, our email encryption service safeguards your confidential data on its digital journey.

Source: *

What are the benefits of Email Encryption?

Know Your Customer

Digitise friction-inducing Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering, and ID verification processes.

Strengthen Your Brand

Add compliant logos to secure emails, show your business as a leader in data protection.

Reduce Data Risks

Emails sent to the wrong person are the No 1 cause of data breaches. Don’t loose sleep over accidental data loss.

Reduce Costs & Carbon Footprint

Save carbon and save costs by minimising your paper output. Meet your ESF targets and do it with bottom-line impact.

Zero Friction

Deploy alongside your CRM, antivirus, server-side signature, and data loss prevention (DLP).

Policy Adaptable

Configure custom trigger word alerts to tailor our solution to your business’ key security concerns.

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