Is Linktree Obsolete Due to Instagram's Latest Update?

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10 May 2023
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Meta is finally allowing profiles to share more than one link within in there Instagram profiles meaning this could start the end of link-in-bios.

Rewind 13 months ago...

Around 13 months ago, Linktree, the company allowing many creators to post multiple links in one place, recently received increased funding. Financial backers included Index Ventures and Coatue Management, investing $110, equivalent to nearly £89 million. This put Linktree enviable by being valued at $1.3 billion or £1.04 billion.

Just over a year on, things look incredibly different. Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerburg's official account announced that Instagram users can now add up to 5 links to their bio on the app. He comments that it is "probably the most requested feature we've had."

Instagram and its users welcome the feature

Many users and creators have reacted with joy as it is now more accessible to integrate outside links onto the platform within their profiles. Until now, they have had to use Linktree or one of its competitors, which puts all the links on an external webpage on their profile. It means now you no longer have to prioritise what link displays on your profile. You can now have all 5.

A move like this was inevitable due to Meta's desire to start offering paid content. Many users pay for Linktree, so the best way to offer a subscription fee is to allow users to save money and spend it in the app instead.

Will you stay with Linktree?

Instagram introduced the initiative to several users, including Sandra Coulton-Medici, a doctor and author, to test the new feature. Despite the feature she was given to try, she stayed loyal to Linktree. She explains how "finding new ways to get audiences off the platform is one of the top priorities for business on Instagram.

The introduction of displaying all links within the profile means the consumer is forced to choose a link, and then if they want to choose another one, that is redirected back to the app if they want to view another."

It means there are more clicks the user has to go through before they reach the page they want and, therefore, could increase the likelihood of them not being interested in the content the more time it takes to get to it.

Linktree also offers a feature to customise the landing page the user gets to, which can be tailored to fit a specific audience. This is not achieved with Instagram's new feature.

It is hard to tell whether Instagram's new feature will cause link-in-bio companies to die because of their popularity of them. You can customise the layout and gather incredible analytics to see who clicks on what link. Only time will tell.

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