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Silver Lining partners with best-in-class suppliers to effectively monitor, manage and  provide proactive monitoring of IT network infrastructure performance.

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What is Proactive Monitoring?

Proactive monitoring refers to real-time monitoring of a business’ key IT assets, processes and data management. This function is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of how your organisation uses its technology infrastructure to tailor your business’s IT network monitoring requirements.

A few examples of proactive monitoring include monitoring of firewalls and other network infrastructure, checking backups for consistency, or deciding what security patches to apply.

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What are the benefits of a proactive monitoring solution?

Threat Monitoring

Monitor, identify and address potential threats before they have a chance to materialize.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your systems and applications, so we can identify issues before they impact your business.

Patch Management

Prevent potential attacks by keeping track of new vulnerabilities and deploy security updates as soon as they're available. 

Remote Access/Control

Remotely access and control your devices to keep them secure. This way, we can identify potential issues.

Managed Antivirus

You can rest assured that your system is protected against the latest viruses and other malicious software.

Web Filtering

By configuring filters, we can block certain websites or content that they deem inappropriate.

Backup & Recovery

By monitoring your system regularly, we can ensure that your backups are up to date and your recovery process is sound.

Detailed Reporting

Our team provides detailed reports that allow you to keep track of your system's performance.

Managed Email Protection

By constantly monitoring email traffic, we can block malicious attacks before they reach your inbox.

Why Silver Lining?

In today’s complex IT environment, the most agile businesses rigorously monitor their networks. Silver Lining offers a vast range of IT network support, with the ability to establish proactive monitoring as a core IT function.

With an ecosystem that normalises collecting data from applications and workloads across the business, we enact troubleshooting, remediation, and optimisation with far greater efficiency. This means with our IT infrastructure management, there will be no more surprises, as maintenance and updates are undertaken ahead of time when we monitor your business’ network infrastructure performance.

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