Workforce Optimisation

A business is only as good as its customer experience. Our customer centre optimisation solutions can elevate yours by helping your employees reach their fullest potential.

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What is Workforce Optimisation?

Hosted in our own Cloud environment, this quality call centre management software combines quality management recording, interaction analytics and a powerful scheduling-optimisation engine. It’s a one-stop-shop for managing your call centre and your agents.

Our RevWFO workforce efficiency solution also includes a web-based agent portal so your team can access training, work schedules and other tools to help them get the most out of their role.

What are the benefits of Workforce Optimisation solution?

Real-Time Dashboards

Track employee performance in real time, and improve your bottom line to keep your employees happy and productive.

Lower Employee Attrition Rates

Improve processes and communication, to create a positive work environment that staff are less likely to want to leave.

Built in Training & Coaching

Help your organisation to improve its performance by providing employees with skills and knowledge.

Interaction Recording

Identify the cause of customer service issues and measure the effects of internal changes on customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting these surveys on a regular basis, you can make sure that your providing the best customer service.

Holistic Analytics

Uncover trends in employee behaviour, to help make strategic changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Workforce Optimisation?

All contact centres are reliant on many different parts in order to run efficiently and provide the top-tier customer service all business owners strive for. This starts with empowering employees with deep insights and feedback on each customer interaction.

Our exclusive RevoWFO services offer quality management recording software that will help you to better understand where your business can really step up and outshine the competition. Capture, organise, and plan around the data you need to stay on top of, all in one central location.

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Latests news & insights

Take a look at the latest news, insights, materials & content from our resource centre
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