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Changing customer expectations, digital platforms leading to commodification and the resulting impact on margin, as well as consolidation. Then factor in the increasing impact of regulation and compliance. Plus of course, there's the increasing influence of technology and how best to harness it in the interests of the firm, adviser, and client.

This report was commissioned by Silver Lining and will consider whether there is going to be more of a polarised 'huge and powerful', 'small but niche' landscape, and considers the role of the traditional, mainstream practice. While the full report is being prepared, take a look the latest interview with Nigel Smith, Managing Partner of Ellis Jones Solicitors giving their insight.

What's in the guide?

Why digitisation is vital for a professional practice to achieve its key objectives.
How to harness the influence of technology to meet the interest of your firm, workforce and clients.
Gain insight into a managing partners considerations on what to address for professional law practices to achieve its key objectives.

“The future is about being able to combine IT and people, because that’s when the magic happens. And they have to be synchronised to work well together”

Nigel Smith, Managing Partner at Ellis Jones Solicitors.

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