Silver Lining's Easter Wonderland 2022

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April 26, 2022
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On Saturday 9th, April, Silver Lining hosted an Easter Wonderland fete on behalf of Naomi House at the stunning grounds of the Granary.

The festive family fun day was a blast, with buzzing stalls, entertaining mini-games, glorious homemade cakes, etc.

As the sun beamed down and people started arriving, navigating round the stalls, meeting the fluffy animals at Millers Arks pop up petting zoo. The main attractions in the animal corner were the pigmy goats, miniature donkeys and a few sheep and piglets, which were all a huge hit with the children and adults alike!

Then the Easter egg hunt kicked off! It was wonderful to see so many parents and children scurrying around the garden, assisted by the Easter Bunny! All in the hopes of finding five different coloured eggs to win them the prize!

A games arena also featured penalty shootout, the egg and spoon race, and carrot toss competitions. The Egg and Spoon race was a sight to behold, using water balloons instead of eggs, making the event more entertaining and satisfying if there was a dropper! It even featured an adult-only round to make it fair, and it is safe to say not all the adults played by the rules! The lesser-known game of carrot tossing then commenced and was a huge hit, the aim being to throw carrots into different hoops on the floor to collect points. Not only is throwing carrots somewhat of a novelty, but it was also hilarious to watch the carrots shatter, bounce, snap, and break in all sorts of crazy directions should the thrower's aim not be entirely on point!

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