Supporting seamless usage & intergrated applications

There is a growing demand for companies to have a fully managed IT infrastructure. An infrastructure that supports unified and integrated applications will provide a strong foundation for companies of all sizes.

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Local Area Network (LAN)

Local Area Networks (LAN) supply networking capability to a group of computers near each other via business ethernet broadband systems and are useful for sharing resources like files, printers, or other business applications.

From a business perspective, security, productivity, cost saving, and flexibility benefits are gained from implementing a LAN with your current and future business needs in mind.

As a Lan network provider, our consultants will ensure that we offer you the best solution for your business requirements.

How will our Local Area Network solutions help?

Switching & Routing

We build agile, resilient networks for any business of any size. Have a look at some of our network design options and see how we can provide a tailored solution for your business.
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LAN Security

Already have a LAN but want to know how best to protect it? Silver Lining can provide robust protection to help with LAN business network solutions.
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Proactive Monitoring

Silver Lining is partnered with SolarWinds’ best-in-class monitoring platform, Orion, to monitor and manage your network performance effectively.
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Support & Management

Our Service Desk provides scalable, comprehensive, real-time reporting on tickets so we can maintain ongoing individual management of your tickets.
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Silver Lining have over a decade’s experience in Wi-Fi infrastructure from multi-site secure corporate networks to individual guest Wi-Fis. Our solutions are designed to connect devices in the most secure manner possible.
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