Essential Tips For Accepting Card Payments Over The Phone

Nowadays, businesses have numerous options for processing card payments, especially with the rise of online payment platforms. However, some situations may call for traditional payment methods, such as accepting orders or payments over the phone. For instance, takeout restaurants frequently rely on card payments taken over the phone.

It is very dependent on the consumer as many people still prefer to pay for goods or services over the phone, especially if they are phoning you to find out more about their products.

Although taking card payments over the phone is still a valuable and real-time method, some view it as outdated and question its legitimacy for accepting card payments. Nevertheless, businesses can benefit significantly from this payment option. Keep reading to discover alternative and easy ways to process card payments without using the phone.

Before taking card payments over the phone, it is important to understand what rules and regulations you must abide by to ensure client data is safe. Between March 2022 and 2023, it was found that 3,412 phone-fraud incidents were reported to the UK police meaning now more than ever, it is crucial to go through the correct procedures for card payments in this digital age. 

In this article, we will examine the best method for handling card payments over the phone and emphasise the essential regulations businesses must adhere to when accepting payments through this channel. 

Understanding Your Payment Processing Options


Inputting Card Numbers Into Your Payment Terminal

Collecting credit card payments over the phone can be a simple process. You can request that your customer recites their card number, expiration date, and CSV code, then manually enter it into your credit card terminal at the point of sale (POS). However, this is not secure, as the call can be intercepted. 

Using A Merchant Account Provider 

Your business can obtain a dedicated account from a merchant provider, which includes various tools such as card readers, virtual terminals, and software to facilitate credit card payments according to your preferences. Although merchant accounts may not be the most cost-effective means of offering credit card processing, they are widely regarded as the most reliable and secure method.

Mobile Card Processing Apps 

They have transformed payment collection methods for businesses. They allow manual credit card input on mobile devices, which is ideal for companies that operate outside their regular location.

These apps also provide advanced security features to safeguard sensitive information like credit card numbers, promoting customer trust and confidence. Mobile credit card processing is convenient and fast and offers flexibility that improves customer payment experiences, leading to loyal customers and positive feedback.

Best Practices for Securely Collecting Card Information Over the Phone

Most people wonder whether accepting credit card payments via phone is secure. The answer is yes, provided that appropriate measures are followed. Non-compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) presents the most substantial risks linked to phone payments.

PCI DSS compliance entails agreeing to securely allow the credit card information to be received, stored, handled, and transmitted during transactions meaning that the client's data can not be infiltrated.

Not maintaining these standards can result in fines. Selecting a reliable payment provider and virtual terminal to handle the complicated aspects of payment processing is recommended to stay updated with PCI DSS. 

The provider should be responsible for resolving errors, blunders, or controversies that may arise most suitably. Suppose the provider you choose cannot manage PCI compliance on your behalf. In that case, alternative arrangements must be made to ensure compliance remains an integral component of your payment strategy.

Alternative Ways to Process Card Payments Other than Over the Phone


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR is an automated telephone system that merges pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech technology. Our technology enables telephone keypad tones to be intercepted and replaced, bypassing sensitive payment card information from entering business environments altogether and preserving PCI compliance, preventing any potential leakage or theft of the customer's personal details. 

Payment Link

Another way to accept card payments is through a payment link that can be in the form of a URL or QR code. This takes the customer to a direct unique checkout page for them to complete payment. These links can be accessed from a web browser, text message, email, or social media post. Payment is confirmed instantly for the seller and client. 

How can we help? 

By knowing how to make safe card payments, Silver Lining can help you implement a PCI-DSS solution that is unique for your business to give your customers peace of mind when they make purchases through you. To find out more, please click the link below to our PCI solutions page Call us on 0345 313 111or email us at

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