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Silver Lining is a professional service provider offering the best in business IT, telecommunications, data and security solutions. Our unified communications services can provide you with improved efficiency, reduced running costs and the flexibility to easily upgrade as your business grows. Our collective knowledge, innovation and expertise have led to contracts with household names.

We work alongside you to provide a solution that truly meets and exceeds your needs. Whether it’s business broadband, telephone systems, IT infrastructure, business mobiles, or just a memorable phone number – we are here to help. There are no off-the-shelf solutions here - we think outside the box!

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"Providing our clients with award-winning IT for over 14 Years."

Silver Lining Brochure

Certifications & Industry Compliance

We are proud to present a list of our certifications which each and every one of the Silver Lining family uphold and work to. They are a testament to the hard work and dedication our team put in to their work and the values we have as a business.

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22 February 2024

The DarkGate Threat: Malware Through Microsoft Teams

Cybercriminals have shifted towards using the DarkGate malware loader as their primary tool for initial penetration into corporate networks.
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