7 Effective Ways Your Business Can Provide Support To Remote Workers

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20 February 2023
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Remote workers are the new norm for many companies, which has been a huge shift in how most people work compared to before the pandemic.

Across all industries, it is critical to migrate across as research suggests that employees can be up to 20%* more productive whilst working remotely. To ensure success, managers must provide their dispersed workforce with adequate support no matter where they call home.

Otherwise, projects can suffer, morale can fall, and employee motivation can deteriorate. Thankfully, there are several impactful ways companies can aid remote workers. Are you interested in finding out how you can assist your offsite workers in being as productive as possible?

Continue reading to see seven ways you can support remote employees better.

1. Frequent Communication with Remote Workers

Establishing regular contact with remote employees is key to offering meaningful support and getting positive results. Maintaining an open line of communication gives clarity on tasks ahead and enables accountability so everyone stays motivated in achieving their goals. Employers should take the initiative to keep workers informed without micromanaging; this will build trust for smoother operations throughout the business.

Instead of relying solely on emails and texts, reaching out regularly with a call or video conference is important for extra support. By checking in periodically to ensure your team is doing okay, you can create an open source of understanding that helps keep everyone connected.

2. Utilise the right technology to keep remote workers connected

Keeping your employees informed and connected is critical for maintaining cohesion. To do this, implementing the right technology solutions must be a priority. Microsoft Teams for example, provides various features that enable remote teams to collaborate successfully, including messaging, file sharing, meetings and workflow creation capabilities.

Furthermore, Direct Routing allows businesses using Microsoft Teams to enjoy free calls and receive external ones at no cost - maximising communication potential even further! Subsidising internet/mobile services can also help ensure connectivity issues never hinder employee productivity.

We offer cost-effective packages tailored specifically to your company needs; find out how our integrated platforms for voice, connectivity, and mobility deliver seamless communication across all locations

3. Provide emotional and social support

Supporting employees with their emotional and social needs is essential for keeping teams productive, energised, and creative. As the pandemic showed us in 2020, 46% of remote workers faced loneliness which can significantly impact morale, especially among younger generations. Employers should consider ways to keep staff connected socially while encouraging positive mental health habits to combat this issue among team members.

This can be done by:

  • A video happy hour
  • Team challenges
  • Accountability groups
  • Daily and weekly catchups

To help your remote workers maintain a positive headspace, you can also share uplifting articles, podcasts, mental health practices, and self-care tips

4. Offer a level of flexibility to remote workers

Working remotely can come with its own set of challenges, but offering flexibility to employees on when they work could be the key to unlocking their most productive moments. Allowing remote workers to choose times during which there is the less likely hood of being interrupted – such as evenings and afternoons -can optimise efficiency according to individual circumstances.

6. Set clear goals

Establishing clear objectives is fundamental for remote working. This way, employees have a better understanding of what needs to be achieved and by when. Establish this common goal with your team as it will promote employee engagement and enhance productivity - an absolute must in achieving results.

5. Share working best practices

It can be a struggle for those not accustomed to the remote working setting, but there are numerous resources and tips available that help remote employees stay productive while upholding a healthy balance. Help your team succeed by consistently providing these helpful reminders often - such as taking regular breaks, drinking plenty of water, stretching their legs throughout the day, and eating healthy meals.

7. Highlight the achievements of remote workers

Ensure your remote team feels part of the office culture by regularly recognising their accomplishments. Celebrate successes and take time to express appreciation for a job well done to boost morale and build relationships with staff whether they're on-site or not. Keep those working remotely connected, appreciated and engaged.

With these seven tips, you should now have a better understanding of how you can support and get the best out of your remote workers.

In Conclusion

With these seven key ways to aid your remote workers, you can support your employees anywhere, anytime. If you would like to find out more or how Silver Lining can provide expertise to make this a reality, please hit the image below to be taken to our IT page, where you can find solutions to make working from home productive and efficient.

Equally, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Silver Lining to help you reap the benefits! Call us on 0345 313 1111 or email us at info@silver-lining.com

*Home working set to more than double compared to pre-pandemic levels once the crisis is over (CIPD, 2020)

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