Cloud PC is Revolutionary

Cloud PC

Cloud PC, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), revolutionises remote and office-bound workflows by providing access to essential programs wherever one works. By eliminating reliance on physical hardware, companies can stay connected regardless of where their employees are. This new working style has become the norm, so utilising this software is a great advantage.

What is Cloud PC?

A cloud Pc allows you to access your work desktop anytime, anywhere, worldwide. This includes safely accessing emails, files and Microsoft software applications. The system allows the ultimate flexibility and security, with all applications running centrally within the cloud environment. 

Access your cloud pc from any device -no matter the make, whether it is Windows, Mac, or otherwise, you will get the same experience you have with your work computer as you do the device you are running the cloud from.

No need for headaches.

With a cloud pc, it is forever kept up to date, allowing it to publish the latest software and systems directly to your desktop, removing the headaches of software management. It also means that processes such as making purchases on operating programs and buying services to help with support can also be reduced if not eliminated. 

Using a VDI set-up is like virtual IT. All the hardware is stored within the cloud, meaning you do not have to take your work computer home. Instead, it is already stored on your home pc or laptop without the added storage of it being on there permanently. 

How does It work?

As stated before, you need any device and a data connection to access the secure cloud platform. With these resources, you can get into the cloud pc network environment and see applications as if they were installed onto your home device. It is that simple but effective in order to get the most productivity out of your workforce, even if they work from home.

If you would like to find out more, please hit the image below to be taken to our Cloud Pc page on how we can deliver the best solution for you. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 0345 313 1111.

Cloud Pc

Our virtual desktop allows ultimate flexibility and security, with all applications running centrally withing the Cloud environment.
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