4G and 5G Transforming London's Tube Network

4G and 5G

As we enter the digital age, it's unsurprising that the London Underground needed an upgrade for better connectivity. A rollout of high-speed mobile network coverage will be available in stations and tunnels within the London underground complex.

By spring 2024, approximately 40 stations will benefit from enhanced mobile coverage, including 4G and 5G, according to an announcement made by Transport for London (TFL)

The first stations to receive the network upgrade are Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road and the central lines between stations. Mobile coverage will have a new Emergency Services Network (ESN), allowing first responders to quickly access life-saving information.

The Importance of 4G and 5G Upgrade

Having reliable internet access benefits people and society, especially with the rise of hybrid work models. New technologies within connectivity make it easier for people to work whilst on the go, but it is important they can do so with no interruption. 4G and 5G solutions are able to make this a reality. Let's delve into some of the advantages it has to offer.

Increased Connectivity:

Obtaining a faster and more dependable connection enables seamless connectivity for multiple devices at more than one time. Despite the influx of devices, with 4G and 5G you will still experience uninterrupted quality in all your activities.

Real-Time Collaboration: 

Be able to interact and collaborate in real-time much faster than ever before. Connect in virtual environments, such as AR telepresence and meta-VR, without delays and lag.

High-Quality Streaming Content Capabilities: 

5G networks allow watching and sharing high-quality content such as 3D graphics, video and audio without interference or lag.

Access Large Files:

Be able to access large files easily on the go, so you can always work without any problems. Do so while using a mobile device or as a hotspot to connect to other devices such as a laptop, increasing productivity.

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