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The ability for employees and enterprises to work remotely is increasingly important in a rapidly changing world.

Get the most out of your IT budget and increase flexibility with the high-security, hassle-free remote working solutions supported by our experienced technical professionals.

Access your software, emails, files, and Microsoft applications securely from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
Access From Any Device
100% Windows Compatible
Secure Remote Desktop Hosting
Flexible Bespoke Pricing Plans
Reduce Your Existing IT Costs
Keep Remote Staff Connected
Access All Usual Files, Docs & Apps
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Request A DemoYour Free Trial
Access From Any Device
100% Windows Compatible
Secure Remote Desktop Hosting
Flexible Bespoke Pricing Plans
Reduce Your Existing IT Costs
Keep Remote Staff Connected
Access All Usual Files, Docs & Apps

Work Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Our virtual desktop allows ultimate flexibility and security, with all applications running centrally within the Cloud environment. With data stored centrally across a virtual environment, you can work from any computer terminal via private MPLS Cloud or over the internet.

Using a Cloud-based virtual desktop allows us to publish the latest software and applications directly to your desktop removing the headaches of software management, major purchases, and need for specialised hardware and support. (Think of it like virtual IT).

Silver-Lining can also ensure no Ransomware occurs on all infrastructure given the current security dynamic.

Talk to us today to explore our  flexible work from anywhere solutions with our Cloud PCs & Virtual Desktops, we can enable your teams to pick up where they left off.
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What can you expect from our Virtual Desktop solution?

Our Virtual Desktop Solution offers flexibility, agility and collaboration, and by using it, you can rest assured that all your business applications will be supported.

Built-in Flexability

Work from any computer at any location, whether at home or in the office. With virtual IT, working remotely has never been easier and you have complete control.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A virtual desktop lowers your carbon footprint, lower your emissions, and help preserve the environment for future generations. All without sacrificing business capability. 

Disaster Recovery

No matter what happens, as reliable hosted virtual desktop providers we’ll help to ensure business continuity so your customers won’t notice any disruptions. 

Office 365 Access

With a virtual desktop you can access your favourite software, productivity apps and collaborate on documents such as Office 365 – all from anywhere, on any device.

Control Your Costs

There is no need to buy, repair or replace expensive hardware. The hosted desktop is 100% online and monitored by our technical team preventing loss of money from downtime. 

Easy Scalability

Hosted desktop means you do not need to purchase expensive hardware to support new employees and you can add or remove users with ease without additional training.

Top 10 Considerations When Virtualising Your Business.

The virtual world is engrained in everything we do and is getting more complex and involved than ever. With that complexity comes the need for businesses to have improved control and service. 

This FREE  guide looks at the top 10 considerations you should make and some of the key business drivers behind creating a remote working policy. It also looks at the challenges and technology solutions that can make supporting, enabling and developing your remote workforce significantly more straightforward.

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What Our Customers Say: 

Mr H Cowdrey

With Silver Linings services, companies can support thousands of users per account at predictable costs and do not need to worry about updating their operating systems and desktop applications due to the latest technology they use.

Mr M Clark

We use the Virtual Desktop service to help us stay agile and offer collaboration flexibility. We found that the product was really easy to install and has been a great solution for our needs. Our employees love it and we don't know how we ever worked without it!

Mrs J Kendall

Ever since I switched to a virtual desktop, I've been able to save each month on PC upgrades and maintenance. It's been really freeing not having to worry about the physical hardware when the screen is my 'desktop'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Desktop?
A virtual desktop delivers business applications such as Microsoft Office from a data centre to any device, removing the headaches of software management, purchasing, and specialised hardware and support. Cloud-based virtual desktops can replace your traditional desktop PC environment while offering the same functionality as your normal PC. 

You can login to your virtual desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection and from almost any device. 
Do you need any special equpiment?
No. Customers can use any PC, Mac or Linux machine to connect to their virtual desktop. One of the initial cost-savings is the ability to continue to use existing PCs. As the processing power, memory, and storage are provided by our servers, customers are even able to use older PCs that would be unable to run a new Operating System themselves, thereby extending their working lives and ROI. Virtual desktops will also work on laptops, tablet devices such as the iPad and smartphones such as the iPhone.
Why does your business need Virtual Desktop?
With businesses doing their best to continue operations during lockdown, it is essential to securely connect employees across multiple locations and continue to work as normal.
What are the benefits of  virtual desktops?
Reduce overhead costs, Lower your carbon footprint,  Work from anywhere, Decrease IT maintenance with virtual IT (No need for on-site Outsourced IT support) , Secure high specification data centres,  Guarantee business continuity, Get highly skilled engineers and consultants on hand when you need them 

Request a demo and start your FREE trial!

It’s time to get your business equipped with our powerful virtual desktop solution. 

Speak to our experts at Silver Lining today who can help you make the transition with ease. We can talk you through the process, explain how everything works and discuss how it will benefit your business. 

Your solution is only ever housed in our government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure data centres managed by security cleared personnel.
Want to experience our virtual desktop solution?  The best way to learn about a new product is to try it out for yourself.


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